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By: Abhinanda P | August 27, 2017

Recruitment as a career, can be immensely fulfilling if you’re up for challenges and if you know how to strategize well. What makes me say that? My recent feat of success!

Our client was a renowned player in the Non-Banking Financial Companies sector. They were looking for a Director of Technology to build the tech-division of their firm from scratch.

“We’ve been at it for a year now, but we haven’t been able to find the right candidate yet. We have rolled out offers, but the candidates have dropped out. The location is also proving to be a challenge- Chennai has a small talent pool when compared to other cities. It won’t be easy. Are you up for it?”, said the client in the briefing call.

Damn right I was! Nothing motivates me more than a good...

By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | July 01, 2016

It had been a good day for AxiomRC today. Three offers in a day, to start of the month with. Not bad at all, huh? The ring of the phone got me excited. Was it perhaps news of a fourth?

“Do you not send your candidates the JD before sending them to the interview? Why do they know nothing about the job they are interviewing for? Suyash came by today, and he didn’t even know about the role and responsibilities, properly.”


By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | June 30, 2016


I hit the office early, all charged up. Armed with a cup of coffee, I felt that nothing could bring me down. That was until I had a look at the number of candidates to be submitted. Uh oh, I had completely forgotten that we had received six new requirements from our new client - a high-end US-based analytics solutions firm.

My phone rang, jolting me out of my thoughts. Rihanna’s “Work, work, work, work, work” ringtone seemed appropriate, but the call was just a tele-marketer. AAARRGGGHH!

Putting my focus back to work, I decided to confront the submissions head on. It wasn’t as tough as I imagined. Although we have a robust six-step screening, the initial screening was already done by the other members of my team. I took one glance at them, ...