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By: Abhinanda P | August 27, 2017

Recruitment as a career, can be immensely fulfilling if you’re up for challenges and if you know how to strategize well. What makes me say that? My recent feat of success!

Our client was a renowned player in the Non-Banking Financial Companies sector. They were looking for a Director of Technology to build the tech-division of their firm from scratch.

“We’ve been at it for a year now, but we haven’t been able to find the right candidate yet. We have rolled out offers, but the candidates have dropped out. The location is also proving to be a challenge- Chennai has a small talent pool when compared to other cities. It won’t be easy. Are you up for it?”, said the client in the briefing call.

Damn right I was! Nothing motivates me more than a good challenge. Besides, I had never handled such a senior position before, so naturally I wanted to add that feather to my hat. But I had questions; why were candidates apprehensive of the role? How do I win them over? What can I do differently?

I was entrusted with a great responsibility, which I also looked at as a wonderful learning experience. I made up my mind that I had to do my job well, whatever it takes.

And thus, began hours of research. I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem in order to solve it. I also figured that I needed a foolproof strategy if I were going to have any success in this matter. I decided my action plan would involve identifying the issue, coming up with a strong solution, finding the right candidates and then selling the right points to them to get them on board.


With an approved temporary job description in place, I went ahead and spoke to a few candidates to understand potential issues. As it turned out, they knew the company but were apprehensive about their growth in an NBFC environment.

Aaha! That’s the problem I have to solve. I began researching the sector. For the next few days I read NBFC, ate NBFC, lived and breathed NBFC. What I realised from all my studies was that the sector was extremely promising and had immense potential for growth. Now, to convey that to candidates in the context of my client.

Another thing I noticed during my calls was that very few candidates were willing to invest the time and energy to build a team from scratch. I figured I had to find someone who shared the same dream as my client.

I reported my findings to my boss and the client, and accordingly the job description was revamped using our in-house artificial intelligence platform. Now that we had identified the problem and figured out a solution, our searches yielded more accurate results.

We found a pool of candidates and put our automatic man-machine tele-calling platform to work. After speaking to a few candidates, I found the one I knew would be just right for the role. I discussed the role with him in detail, and told him about the plans our client had towards the technology division. His personal goals seemed to fit right in. He was a perfect match!

But, the battle wasn’t won yet. We had to make sure that the candidate joins, especially since there had been incidences of candidates dropping out at the last stage. The only way to achieve that is through good candidate-recruiter relationship. So, once the interviews were cleared and offer was rolled out, I focused on engaging with him on a regular basis. I’m proud to say, he has now settled into his new role quite well!

My biggest sense of accomplishment, however, came when our client returned to us saying that they would like us to share knowledge with their internal HR and support them in more effective hiring.

(Story by: Moon | Written by: Abhi)