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By: Abhinanda P | September 17, 2017

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my association with the recruitment industry, it is that it’s a constant battlefield. Once I even asked a recruiter friend of mine about why she likes to work in such a high-pressure job?  She looked me in the eye with a very straight face, leaned in and with much seriousness said, “A soldier must do what she does best. Fight."

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Her dramatic war metaphor had both of us guffawing for the next thirty seconds, but the story she went on to narrate made perfect sense.

Her client was a renowned global research and analytics firm, and they had a very specific requirement. They were looking for someone experienced in a global leadership role to lead their HR division. The catch however was that, majority of their employees being in their late twenties, the client had a very specific age group in mind for their candidate.

The challenge during the hunting process was that people in that age group didn’t have the kind of leadership exposure they were looking for.  It took her some very accurate AI powered searches, lots of phone calls, and several hours of hard work to finally find two candidates who fit the bill. But, to her utter dismay one of the candidates dropped out of the process midway.

“So how did you damage-control?” I asked. She told me it’s all about developing a level trust with your candidate. One must secure their faith, and that’s exactly what she did thereafter. She and her boss at AxiomRC would personally spend time engaging with the candidate concerned, and they got the client to roll out the offer quickly. They also ensured to build a pipeline of suitable candidates at the same time, just in case the candidate went absconding at the last minute. Fortunately, in a matter of three months, the candidate joined the client’s company.

“But is adrenaline all that keeps you inspired?”, I quizzed out of curiosity.

“Not quite.”, she had replied. “The beauty of dealing with such senior roles is that you get to communicate with some of the best minds in the industry. And, the biggest reward of all is when even candidates who did not end up getting shortlisted, or end up joining, appreciate the work you and your company did”.

Jai had met both the shortlisted candidates once after the entire process was over, when they were all in the same city. Both of them were equally impressed with AxiomRC’s processes and protocols.

As it turns out, the recruitment industry is really like a battlefield, and the role of the recruiter is nothing less than a soldier’s – always behind the scene, yet always touching lives.

(Story by: Jai, Written by: Abhi)

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