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By: Abhinanda P | August 13, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, a recruiter’s job is anything but easy.

Our work affects entire organizations, and can completely change a person’s life. Trust lies at the heart of what we do. But recently, I also experienced it first-hand when my boss gave me a big assignment. MegaBPO, global BPO firm with tens of thousands of employees, wanted our help in finding an HR Head for them. 

“The client wants to hire in a week’s time, and the COO especially called me saying that her prefers to trust us with this responsibility. It’s a big thing, you understand, right?” she said.


By: Samrudhi Ghosh | August 08, 2017

I woke up feeling surprisingly upbeat for a Monday. Whatever the day had in store for me, bring it on! There weren't a whole lot of mails when I switched on my laptop, so I'm guessing my clients had a work-free weekend as well. I made a few calls and sent a few emails, and everything was going breezy until I got a call from my boss.

"Hi Rids, you have a new client," she said. The gist of the call was this: PC3*, an up-and-coming market research firm, was looking to hire a Chief Technical Officer. The catch? They needed someone to join in a month's time.

By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | September 02, 2016

An engineer in the recruitment industry… Doesn’t quite add up, right? You’ll be surprised to find out that my passion for technology is perfectly satiated in this profession. Before I go into the nitty-gritties of how that is possible, picture this: The recruitment industry earns $400,000,000,000 revenue. 200,000 players hire for 2,000,000 companies.

That’s HUGE, right? There is so little supply in comparison to the demand that we recruiters have to constantly up our game. And that’s where I come in. At AxiomRC, we believe in the power of artificial intelligence. I build technology – whatever it takes to get the fastest route to results. At times, we hack and use off-the-shelf components to get to the goal – something immediately operational...

By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | August 18, 2016

I have always been consumed by a strong sense of wanderlust. Even as a teenager, when people started tossing around career options for me to consider, I was filled with an unexplained dread at the thought of being constrained to a desk for nine hours.

Given this nature of mine, my friends and family got quite a shock when I took on a job as a recruiter. “How is being a recruiter going to fit in with your restless nature?” my best friend Abhi asked.  Well, to answer her question, I had landed a job at AxiomRC, which let me work from anywhere I wanted.

I had the flexibility to work from home or Hawaii; as long as I had a working internet connection and a phone, my work did not suffer. In the next few months, I travelled to all four corners of t...

By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | July 01, 2016

It had been a good day for AxiomRC today. Three offers in a day, to start of the month with. Not bad at all, huh? The ring of the phone got me excited. Was it perhaps news of a fourth?

“Do you not send your candidates the JD before sending them to the interview? Why do they know nothing about the job they are interviewing for? Suyash came by today, and he didn’t even know about the role and responsibilities, properly.”