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By: Abhinanda P | August 13, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, a recruiter’s job is anything but easy.

Our work affects entire organizations, and can completely change a person’s life. Trust lies at the heart of what we do. But recently, I also experienced it first-hand when my boss gave me a big assignment. MegaBPO, global BPO firm with tens of thousands of employees, wanted our help in finding an HR Head for them. 

“The client wants to hire in a week’s time, and the COO especially called me saying that her prefers to trust us with this responsibility. It’s a big thing, you understand, right?” she said.


I did understand. That first sentence was enough to get me all pumped up for the job. Coming from the CEO himself, it was a great honour for us, and I knew we had to do justice to it.

And so, began the hunt.

A few calls later, we put together an accurate job description using our in-house Artificial Intelligence platform. Once it was approved, our high-power search team got to work.

After speaking to the shortlisted candidates, I found someone that I knew would be perfect for the role. But nothing worth having comes easy, right? True to the proverb, as soon as I spoke to her I knew this would be a difficult job.

She already had an offer from another company with a bigger role. But knowing what I knew about the opportunity, I was more than sure that this would be a brilliant exposure for her. The challenge was, how do I get her to see it?

I explained the role to her and answered all her questions honestly, highlighting the pros without hiding the cons. She seemed interested.

We shared her profile with the client, they liked her instantly. Interviews were set up. I personally spent time engaging with her, checking if she needed help anywhere, if there was more information about anything I could help her with. I wanted her to realize that I had her best interest at heart. I wanted her to know that she could trust me.

After three rounds of interview, the client gave a nod to her profile. But I knew our work wasn’t done yet. We had to convince her to take up the offer and join the company, and it wasn’t going to be easy given the circumstances. So, I got on a call with her and explained with sound facts that this job was the turning point she had been waiting for. We had gotten to know each other well over the last few days, and a sense of mutual trust had developed. I could tell that she knew I meant what I said.

And, just like that, we had a happy candidate joining an equally happy client. We even met once a few weeks ago, she and I. She had invited me for lunch and in the course of it, told me how much she was enjoying her work. Her boss too had called in sometime back to tell us how well she was performing. As for me, I’m just glad that I’ve been able to honour the trust people put in me. After all, recruiting is not well done until both the parties are content.

(Story by Shelly | Written by Abhi)

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