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By: Abhinanda P | September 28, 2017

As a recruitment consultancy that deals with both Indian and US markets, we often get asked questions like how do you hire for American companies, how do you understand their challenges and expectations?

So, when I heard that Rids, an AxiomRC recruiter, recently closed a position with a US client, I got on a call with her to learn about her experience.

The brief was more complicated than usual, she informed. It was a new position at the client’s, and hence the requirements and responsibilities were still evolving. The client wanted their CFO candidate to have exceptional knowledge in US GAAP and IFRS, and accounting and taxing principles in both India and US.

By: Abhinanda P | September 17, 2017

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my association with the recruitment industry, it is that it’s a constant battlefield. Once I even asked a recruiter friend of mine about why she likes to work in such a high-pressure job?  She looked me in the eye with a very straight face, leaned in and with much seriousness said, “A soldier must do what she does best. Fight."

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By: Abhinanda P | August 27, 2017

Recruitment as a career, can be immensely fulfilling if you’re up for challenges and if you know how to strategize well. What makes me say that? My recent feat of success!

Our client was a renowned player in the Non-Banking Financial Companies sector. They were looking for a Director of Technology to build the tech-division of their firm from scratch.

“We’ve been at it for a year now, but we haven’t been able to find the right candidate yet. We have rolled out offers, but the candidates have dropped out. The location is also proving to be a challenge- Chennai has a small talent pool when compared to other cities. It won’t be easy. Are you up for it?”, said the client in the briefing call.

Damn right I was! Nothing motivates me more than a good...

By: Abhinanda P | August 13, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, a recruiter’s job is anything but easy.

Our work affects entire organizations, and can completely change a person’s life. Trust lies at the heart of what we do. But recently, I also experienced it first-hand when my boss gave me a big assignment. MegaBPO, global BPO firm with tens of thousands of employees, wanted our help in finding an HR Head for them. 

“The client wants to hire in a week’s time, and the COO especially called me saying that her prefers to trust us with this responsibility. It’s a big thing, you understand, right?” she said.