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By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | March 26, 2019

On 23rd March, Saturday, Sana Ashraf, the CEO of AxiomRC participated in the conference as a panelist in a discussion on Early Adopters of Data Science alongside Anibha Athalye, Harshita Darwatkar, Ashwini Deshpande and Alpana Phalke with skillful moderation by Sucheta Dhere.

Anibha Athalye spoke about her journey from BI & reporting a decade ago to neural networks today. Harshita Darwatkar spoke about salesforce estimation in the application support area. Alpana Phalke touched hearts with an extremely innovative and human application at Securly of prediction by tracking social media data real time in order to identify suicidal children and prevent anything unfortunate. Ashwini Deshpande spoke about bias in technology pointing out...

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By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | November 02, 2013

The search for the right logo for AxiomRC was a interesting process punctuated by fun, passion & inspirations. We wanted our logo to stand for something and distinctly recognizable. Therefore, it had to be bold and simple. Very quickly the discussions converged onto a bridge and color red. The whole team poured hours in finding the right representation of a bridge in the logo form. Unfortunately, everything ended up looking like something else - a comb, a door, an arch... The bridge was too complex a form to represent easily.


We dropped the idea of a bridge and decided to go for simpler shapes. For some unknown reason, thinking converged on a triangle on disc.


However, it there was something missing in it. While the it satisf...

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By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | November 02, 2013

So all went well in the first telephonic conversation and you successfully secured for yourself a face to face interview with the employer. The stakes are higher this time for you are a step closer to your dream job. Listed below are some more tips to help you sail through.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Research. Homework is important. Run ruthless searches on Google or wherever and find out about the company. Look for the basic duties and responsibilities that they expect from your desired designation. Make sure you know every important fact about the company.

Prepare answers. There are some very common, patent questions that cannot be underestimated. These are common pitfalls that you should prepare for and be prepared to overcome when faced wit...

By: AxiomRC Recruitment Consultants | October 27, 2013

Yes, interviews can be unnerving and given an option, we would never go for one. But, it is the first key to your dream job and hence important! To make sure that those pressurized nerves don’t get the better of you at the big moment, here are some valuable pointers

Preparation for the Interview 

  1. Take at least thirty minutes to prepare. Take your time, there is no rush
  2. Go to someplace quiet and take time to compose yourself
  3. Disable all those extra phone features like call waiting, call holding, etcetera etcetera – you do not want any form of disturbance during the interview
  4. Have a copy of your resume present in front of you. If you are going to keep it on your computer screen, make sure that all desktop alerts that may distract you are disa...