Recruiter of the last resort. We help when everything else has failed.

AxiomRC is an innovative maker of hiring Artificial Intelligence and the recruiter of last resort. We provide contingent fee based RECRUITMENT SERVICES to help clients across the globe hire awesome talent quickly and accurately. We specialize in situations when everything else has failed and the hiring needs to be done urgently. Our leadership team includes Sana Ashraf and Ali Baqri, veterans of recruiting and analytics. We are a portfolio company of a Silicon Valley based fund. We are backed by MBAs from Harvard, Chicago and LBS. We would love to help you. As our wide portfolio of work below demonstrates - we can help you! Here is how you can contact us.


Senior leadership hiring & executive search

Technology & IT hiring

  1. Front end developer
  2. Back end developer
  3. Full stack engineer
  4. Mobile/iOS/Android developer
  5. System/Cloud admin
  6. Embedded progammer


Analytics and data science recruitment

  1. NLP & text analytics
  2. Data science
  3. Credit risk
  4. Analytics consulting
  5. Marketing analytics
  6. CPG & retail analytics

Other hiring

  1. Accounting & finance
  2. Sales, BD & Account Manager
  3. Investing
  4. Compliance
  5. Recruitment & HR
  6. Content & publication